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5lb Bulk Melts

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SKU 15120
Option: Vanilla Cream

Receive a 5lb bag of your favorite scent and fill any room with the sweet scent of the fragrance of your choice.

Minimum 1 per fragrance

How to use:
Place a few wax melts into a clean warmer dish. Warmer will melt the wax chips releasing fragrance into the air. When you are done, allow wax to cool and harden for easy removal. Mix and match fragrances for custom blends.

Fragrance Notes:
View wax melt fragrance notes


Counter Display Program

Add 12 5lb Wax Melts, 240 (12 packs) of Pillow Packs, 2 Metal Scoops, and Counter Display. Use the code "CounterDisplayProgram" at checkout to receive Counter Display free.

5lb Wax Melts (x12)
20pc Pillow Packs (x12)
Metal Scoops (x2)
Counter Display (x1)