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Herban Garden

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SKU 64713
Option: Lime Leaf & Oregano

Fresh herb-inspired fragrances bring out your inner green thumb, but the experience doesn’t end there. Each Herban Garden candle comes packaged with a plantable seed disc infused with a blend of herb seeds including oregano, basil, and parsley. Simply fill your pot with soil, place the seed disc in the soil and top it off with a thin layer of additional soil and water.

Minimum 3 per fragrance

Product Details:
Burns 60 hours
12 oz
5in x 5in x 4.5in

Fragrance Notes:
Lime Leaf & Oregano: Sun dried citrus with a mixed herb blend

Mint Basil: Frost wild mint, bergamot and white sandalwood

Thyme & Parsley: Crisp notes of parsley, fir needle and spicy vanilla musk

Chamomile & Avocado: Fresh avocado fruit, eucalyptus, and light floral notes