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Holiday Products Available for Pre-Order

Holiday Products Available for Pre-Order

Holiday Products are now available for pre-order! Order now to ship in August!

12 Days of Candles

Fill the dimming, frosty days of winter with 12 moments of light, stillness & cheerful recollection as you count down to the holidays. Each day, tear back one of the hand-drawn window panes to reveal a glass candle poured with a variety of our beloved seasonal fragrances. Be present with warm memories of the past and the fullness of now as you light each candle.
  Product Details:
Each Candle Burns 6 hours | 12 1oz candles

Fragrances Included:

Woodland Bluebell, Cashmere Ridge, Caramel Macchiato, Hearthstone, Juniper Mint, Candied Cinnamon, Birch & Silver Spruce, Cedarwood & Cinnamon, Sweet Orange Spice Tea, Mistletoe Martini, Cranberry Mimosa, and Vanilla Hot Toddy.


Candy Red Rechargeable Candle Lighter

In collaboration with Zippo, the trusted lighter brand you know, we're offering a flameless USB rechargeable lighter in three neutral home decor colors. Each lighter comes with its own charger cord and packaged in a gift box for easy storage. The rechargeable feature decreases the waste of buying disposable plastic lighters and eliminates the extra process of refilling lighters with fluid or butane.

  Product Details:
4.5 x 1.25 x 11.5 in. | Includes USB cord

How to Use:

Step 1: Activate the arc by pressing the button on the back while sliding the ignition lever up.
Step 2: Line up candle wick with the ignited arc. Remain over the wick until it is lit.
Step 3: When lighter is need of charging, use the USB charging cord (included) to recharge.  

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Seasonal Spirits

Bring on the holiday spirit! This great-selling line is served up in one of three colored glasses and hand poured with highly fragrant twists on seasonal cocktail favorites.

  Product Details:
Burns 35 Hours | 5 oz candle

About the Fragrance:

Sweet vanilla bean with aged brandy, vetiver & musk.

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Whimsical, hand-blown glass decorated with a snowy innate texture & iridescent finish. Poured with a soy wax blend, sophisticated fragrances and topped with hand-painted illustrations inspired by holiday greeting cards of the past.

  Product Details:
Burns 80 Hours | 28 oz 3-wick candle

About the Fragrance:

Cashmere Ridge: Warm amber, comforting cashmere & shea butter

Woodland Bluebell: Delicate bluebell flowers, winter spiced citrus & white musk 

Balsam & Birch: Fresh balsam boughs with cedarwood & golden birch bark

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Striking hand-blown glass with innate confetti colors and a rustic gold foil finish. Filled with cozy fragrances that will complement any occasion throughout the season.

  Product Details:
Burns 50 Hours | 13 oz 2-wick candle

Fragrance Notes:

Birch & Silver Spruce: Spruce boughs & frosted pinecones with cedarwood & juniper roots

Sweet Orange Spice Tea: Black tea with dried orange peel, candied ginger & passion flower

Cedarwood & Cinnamon: Cedar needles & sage leaves wit rosemary & cinnamon bark

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Esque SLE

Made completely by hand in our studio using our exclusive wax painting technique and filled with new & unique fragrances! Elegantly packaged in a reusable fabric-covered gift box with a silk lining and magnetic branded closure.

  Product Details:
Burns 50 Hours | 8 oz wax painted candle

Fragrance Notes:

Juniper Mint: Crisp juniper & mint with light florals & blue agave

Evergreen Forest: Freshly trimmed fraser fir, balsam & frosted blue spruce


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