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Candle Care

To ensure you have the best experience with your artisan candle, please follow the tips below:
Trim your wick to ¼” - ½” with a wick trimmer, fingernail clippers, or small scissors.

The first time you burn your candle, be sure to let it burn so that the “simmer pool” (melted wax) reaches the edges of the vessel. Wax has a memory and if the candle is extinguished before the simmer pool reaches the edges, it will be difficult for the candle to burn properly later. Before re-lighting your candle, be sure to trim the wick again, including any “mushroom” that has formed. This will ensure a controlled flame and help your candle to last longer.

To prevent soot, especially in jar candles, use long fireplace matches or long handled lighters to light your candle.

Our candles are designed to self-extinguish when there is about ⅛” of wax left at the bottom of the vessel for safety and clean burning. When your candle has burned completely, simply place in the freezer for a couple hours and pop the wax out with a knife so the vessel can be cleaned and re-used.

To clean excess wax from wax painted candles, heat up a large pot of water to 120 degrees, submerge the candle in the water and let sit  for 15 minutes.
Then, use a spoon to scoop out the inside wax.