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Stronger Together: Suicide Awareness Month

Stronger Together: Suicide Awareness Month

This September, in observance of Suicide Awareness Month, we would like to take a moment to introduce our Together candle collection and its cause. We’ve been through a lot. There’s no secret that the last two years have been challenging and finding meaning in an uncertain world takes positive energy. Part of being that company that “brightens the world” is to empower positive change in our community. The Together candle line is that reminder to focus on positivity amid ongoing challenges.

$2.00 of every Together candle purchase is donated to Ardent Solutions Inc., one of many organizations across the U.S. dedicated to preventing suicide and promoting community wellness. We are grateful for the services and educational opportunities they supply in and around our Northern Lights community.

The Together candle vessel is decorated with bands of bright colors, a symbol to band together in support of each other’s mental health journey. Mental health should not be a sensitive topic. We’re stronger together!


The fragrances are effervescent and cheerful. With names like Safe, Heal, Ally and Care, they are intended to communicate to all givers and receivers that they matter. By lighting this candle with intent, you are creating a hope-filled space. 


Whether it be daily stressors, diagnosed mental health concern or suicidal risk factors, we are all in this together to bring about a world where each individual can thrive. Inside the candle’s packaging you will find helpful resources, tips, and facts. Once removed from the candle, please save, or share with a friend. Awareness is the first step to prevention.

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