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Seasonal 2.5 lb Wax Melts

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SKU 15183
Option: Sparkling Champagne

Our seasonal 2.5 lb Wax Melts are available in 2 holiday fragrances, allowing your customers to fill 4 oz Wax Melt Pouches (sold separately) of their favorites. 

Our colorful and inviting Counter Displays make filling those pouches easy and fun for your customer! See our Display Programs below!

Minimum 2 per fragrance

How to use:
Place a few wax melts into a clean warmer dish. Warmer will melt the wax chips releasing fragrance into the air. When you are done, allow wax to cool and harden for easy removal. Mix and match fragrances for custom blends.

Fragrance Notes:
View Fragrance Palette Notes


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