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Fragrance Notes - Fragrance Palette

Ginger Tea & Lemon
Soothing ginger tea & chamomile paired with a freshly squeezed lemon & wildflower honey.

Red Anjou Pear
Mouthwatering red anjou pear and lemongrass infused with an alluring blend of plumeria, white jasmine tea & bergamot.

Candied Cinnamon
Spirited, sugar coated, red hot cinnamon with light hints of spicy clove, Banda nutmeg, sweet mandarin & pink peppercorn.

Celeste Fig & Melon
Succulent celeste fig & honeydew melon with eucalyptus, cedar leaf & sandalwood, lightened with floral notes of violet & jasmine.

Plum Orchid & Dahlia
Sweet blushed dahlia & floral plum orchids lightened with lemon flower, water lotus, petitgrain & base notes of sandalwood & white myrrh.

Lavender & Honey
Lavender infused honey & crushed chamomile blended with soothing purple willow bark and white tea leaves.

Cotton Blossom & Dogwood
Crisp, clean cotton blossom in a bouquet of dewy dogwoods, wildflowers & heliotrope with a rush of mountain spring water.

Sea Salt & Kelp
Invigorating coastal salt air & blue sea kelp blend with Indonesian amber, tropical vetiver, semi-sweet grapefruit & oak moss.

Evergreen Forest
Bundles of freshly trimmed fraser fir, balsam, blue spruce & cedarwood with ice covered pinecones & earthy juniper root.

White Currant & Jasmine
White pearl currant & mixed sweet berries with bouquets of star jasmine, violet bloom & a hint of crystallized amber.

Sandalwood & Patchouli
Warm patchouli & amber sandalwood paired with notes of Himalayan cedarwood, black pepper, sunflower & ginger root.

Whiskey & Tobacco
Barrel-aged Kentucky whiskey blended with ginger & cardamom spices with base notes of tobacco leaf and crushed tonka beans.